Anna's Analogy
written by Anna Shields


Donít Get "STUCK"
Written  February 2011

stuck - past tense of stick

stick - to bring to a standstill; halt, to become fixed in place, to remain in.

Although stick has various meanings, we are going to look at the definition above.

Letís examine how one can get "STUCK." Many examples may be coming to your mind. For instance, you could get your car "STUCK" in the mud or snow. When going out to eat with others, you could get "STUCK" with the bill. You could get "STUCK" at an airport, in traffic, in a grocery checkout line, etc. You could get "STUCK" while penning a song and have trouble writing the last verse. You could get "STUCK" in quicksand.

Can you think of some other ways one could get "STUCK?"

I am going to use my own life experience for this writing. I never realized before how "STUCK" one could get until Robert went home to be with Jesus. Not only did my life come to a halt (standstill) as I knew it, I found myself wanting to live in the past. I wanted to turn time backwards and have Robert with me again. Iím sure anyone that has lost a spouse (that they truly loved) can identify with me. Everything in me screamed "ITíS NOT FAIR!"

To keep from being "STUCK" one must keep moving forward. Sometimes it is all you can do to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Philippians 3:14 I press toward the goal .....

I am so thankful for Glory Train Records and GTE Music Magazine and all of You. Sometimes all the work can almost be overwhelming at times, however, I know it has forced me to keep moving forward. And forward is the only direction that I will see Robert again.

Maybe something has you "STUCK." It could be anything form the loss of a loved one to loss of a job, home, even your security. If someone close to you betrays you, you can get "STUCK."

You can get "STUCK" in your negative ways of thinking. It could be that someone said something about you as a child like "He (or she) will never amount to anything" and you believed it.

You could get "STUCK" in an important decision you have to make. Indecision can be a very sticky place.

You can get "STUCK" over something someone has done to you and you havenít moved past it. How many situations can you think of that you may know of someone, and so and so did such to them 30 years ago and they canít seem to let it go?

One can certainly get "STUCK" in an addiction. Iím sure you can think of at least one person you know of that is "STUCK" as a slave to alcohol or drug addition and it has them bound and unable to move forward.

Procrastination can get you "STUCK." You know you need to do something and you keep putting it off. Sometimes, you can postpone something until it is too late. You can miss out on some life changing experiences. If you are always waiting "for the right time, circumstances, etc. to do something that you want to or feel you need to do, and keep putting it off until later, a better time, etc. you may miss it altogether. Robert and I still had some things we wanted to do together and thought we would have the time to do them, but now we canít. Maybe a lot of those things are no big deal whether or not we do them, however, this next instance is a very big deal. For example; if you are a sinner and you know you need to accept Jesus as your Lord & Savior but keep putting it off and die, you will be "STUCK" in hell forever. That is as "STUCK" as it gets. Thatís one thing you do not want to put off. If you havenít accepted Jesus as Your Lord & Savior, I strongly suggest you do it immediately.

2nd Corinthians 6:2 ......... behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.